May 3

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to fly out to Aruba and shoot for Vêtu de Joy with some amazing ladies. You should know I’m currently writing this from an AirBnB in Cartagena Colombia. You should also know I’m flying out to New Orleans in a week and a half. I basically live on a plane now. If you’ve been around for a while, and if you’re a fan of Lady Hustle Mag, you remember my travel anxiety piece, “Toronto made me Brave.” Well almost a year later, here we are. Jet set nanny all day. Aruba was magical y’all and I wanted to share it with you.

The beaches were beautiful! I mean I’m not a huge fan of water. Mostly ’cause I can’t swim well. I mean I can not drown, but I’m no Micheal Phelps out in these waters. The flamingo beach was my favorite. I also found out my new favorite past time is baking in the sun. Bring lots of SPF though. It gets real out there.

The locations Mikaela found for our shoot were all breathtaking. We got to go to the desert and I fell in love with all of the cacti. We also had this BOMB cheese + steak sandwich from a food truck that is right next to the gold mill ruins. You guys have to have to have to try it. Speaking of food,

Speaking of food, here are some of the tasty places we visited while in Aruba.

Sea Salt Grill Aruba was amazing. I had the seafood stew because I’m obsessed with soup. My friends had the catch of the day and this amazing Paella.

If you’re in Aruba, you have to have to have to go to Flying Fishbone. Then you MUST ask for a table IN the water. Yes, you read that right. IN the water. It was so magical. Your feet are in the ocean. The stars look amazing, and the cool breeze really ties in the entire experience.

I had the best time with these ladies, @heygorjess, @mikaela.pabon, @simplyshannah & @phnx_aficionado.

My absolute favorite part of the trip was the wishing garden near the Gold Mill Ruins. You stack 7+ rocks and you make a wish. It was such a peaceful moment that I’m so happy I was able to participate in.

Here’s a preview of our bomb shoot in Aruba.

Can’t wait to share my next adventure with you guys. See you in New Orleans next week for Rizos on The Road!



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