Veggie Tacos

Aug 3

Hey, frenz! I’ve recently (9 days ago) decided I’d stop eating meat for a bit. Now before you continue reading, you should know I’m not committing to anything. I still think a medium rare piece of steak is the universe’s gift to man. HOWEVER, I know that we tend to eat so many processed meats, and you really don’t know where your meat comes from half of the time. It’s been a fun week and change though! I’ve learned to get super creative with my meals, and I’m eating more often which has always been my struggle because I tend to get lazy or busy and I won’t eat. I’m sharing this recipe because it legit took me 15 minutes to make this. Honestly, maybe even less. I give you veggie tacos!

*if you’ve seen any of my other recipes you know this is basically gourmet #cookingforbae. I don’t measure and I don’t plan my foods. Carry on.

What I used.

  • coconut oil
  • coconut aminos
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 purple carrot
  • 10 Brussel sprouts
  • red onion
  • white onion
  • 1 can of chickpeas
  • cilantro
  • trader joe’s cilantro dressing.
  • corn tortillas

What I did.

  • I took a pan and added a tablespoon of coconut oil on medium heat.
  • Chopped up the two garlic cloves, my Brussel sprouts, and added that to the pan.
  • While occasionally stirring so I don’t burn the house down, I chopped up my carrot and then added that to the pan.
  • When the carrots are kinda sorta not so break your teeth crunchy, I added about 2/3 of a cup of chickpeas.
  • While that was sauteeing, I added 3 tbs of chopped white onion, and 3 tbs of chopped red onion.
  • I checked my e-mails and then added two tbsp of coconut aminos, along with a bit of salt and pepper to taste.
  • As my veggie concoction was cooking I added my tortillas to the toaster oven.
  • Once my vegetables were cooked I transferred them to a bowl and waited for my tortilla to get sorta brown but not brown enough to wear my teeth will break.
  • Tortillas are done! I added my veggies to my tortillas. Topped them off with fresh cilantro, onions and Trader Joe’s cilantro dressing and some crushed red pepper but that’s totally optional. As is this whole meal.

So there you have it! And if you’re not a vegetarian you can totally add meat to this. I bet they’d be bomb with some steak. But if you are going to do that, make sure you know where your meat is coming from. Grass fed meats or locally purchased meats from a farm are best. Or grow your own cow and then you know exactly what’s happening. Whatever works. Enjoy!


you’re welcome!


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