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Dec 1

Hi, interweb! Ah.. it feels we haven’t chatted in forever. Well, that’s because we haven’t, but today I’m here to FINALLY share a list of my favorite hustle apps. These are apps that I use to make running a business, breathing, thuggin’ and thriving possible. Becuase of my anxiety and depression, it’s important for me to have my hustle down to a science. Now, here’s my disclaimer: these apps only work if you are consistent. They won’t all work for you, but they will help you develop a system that will ease the burdens that hustlin’ can bring. I do apologize in advance, none of these apps make coffee or food.


$2.99 iPhone — $50.00 mac

I use the fantastical calendar app religiously. I’ve used it for almost two years. I used to use Sunrise but then they got bought by Microsoft and they messed all of that up. Here’s why I ADORE fantastical: The user interface is lovely and customizable. So you can make it dark or light. It’s super clean and it’s extremely reliable. I just import my iCloud calendar and it syncs on all of my devices. I did take the L and purchase the license for my mac, however, I can use this on my iMac and my Macbook. I also love that it has integrated tasks or reminders. So instead of using another app for bill reminders, I can just drop it in there as a recurring reminder.

I also love the fact that you can use natural language to add things to your calendar. For example, If I say “Lunch with Ada next Wednesday at 1:30 in NoHo,” It’ll put every detail in its respective place. Event: Lunch with Ada. Date and Time: Wednesday the 6th of December at 1:30 PM. Location: NoHo. It will even notify you of travel times. It supports different time zones and several languages.

Personally, this does so much more for me aesthetically and practically than the native Apple calendar does. It helps me stay organized and it’s super easy to use.


$4.99 iPhone — $9.99 mac

Here is a fact about Airmail: Everyone that I put on stays on, and never leaves. It’s that damn good. I haven’t touched any native mail apps like apple’s, gmail’s, or any others in YEARS. Not only is this shit pretty AF, it’s organized to and by the gods. I have 6 different e-mail addresses. My Lady Hustle Collective e-mails. I also have my blogs line, business line. You get the point. I have hella e-mails and nobody has the time to go log into 5 different e-mail addresses. I have them all in one app. I even have them color coded so that I can view all of my inboxes together and avoid being confused. Each address is customizable so you can add individual signatures, default address and tons more.

As I mentioned before, the app is pretty AF as is, but you can customize it to look however you want. I suggest creating folders or labels in your email addresses. For example, I have folders titled “answered,” “to do,” “inquiries,” “clients,” etc. It helps keep your inbox clean and it helps you stay organized. There is no greater and or worst feeling than sitting in front of your device and looking at 400+ e-mails and immediately finding something better to do. Oh, and about those e-mails, sometimes I see y’all post 14,534 e-mails. First of all, where is your mother? Let me talk to her. Second of all, you can use to automatically unsubscribe you from all that crap that you subscribe to. You can also just create a faux e-mail address that you can use to sign up for those pointless e-mails. It’s beautiful. You’ll love it. Ditch the coffee for two days out of the week and get both the phone and desktop app.

be focused

$1.99 iPhone — $4.99 mac

BeFocused is my favorite tool ever. It uses the Pomodoro technique which basically allows you to work in spurts of 25-30 minutes with 5-15 minute breaks in between. This is crucial for me because I  have a very hard time staying focused on one task for too long. There is a free version or beta I think it’s called. Before be focused I used 30/30 which has the same exact concept and is also free. I will admit I switch back and forth between the two, only because I’ve used 30/30 for SO long. Overall, it helps ease my anxiety and it helps me get shit done.


free on iPhone + Android with premium options available

Now the image above is the app wunderlist. But Microsoft, (the killer of all things I love) has since nuked it. However, they’ve introduced an app that is just as cool called wedo. Wedo like Wunderlist allows you to create lists. I’m a big list person, on paper and electronically. What I love the most about these tasks apps is that you can share lists with your team, friends, or partners. I have lists titled “travel,” “groceries,” “lady hustle,” “emails,” etc. This makes it so easy to make a packing list, and I can share my shopping list with my partner. I can tackle e-mails and honestly just get shit done, because at the end of the day, the more tools I have that help me get shit done properly, the better my mental health is.


free for ios + android

If you run a business or simply have a team, slack is the tool you MUST have. I’m not really big on responding to texts, and one thing I loathe is having to go back and find important information via texts. Slack makes it super easy to create categories and chat about the topics there. I want to talk about growth, so now we can move to the growth chat and come up with ideas there. Later on, instead of scrolling up for an eternity, I can just go the growth chat and look up what I need. It’s also a great way to refrain from using email for everything. I hate emails too. Texts and e-mails overwhelm me something heavy, so having a tool like slack where I can get the exact information I need from my team when I need it is really helpful for my mental health.

personal shit.

These aren’t apps or anything, but these are little quirks that I have that allow me to prosper, ’cause otherwise, I’d just sit on my couch and watch sad movies all day.

I know A LOT of people and (thankfully) I have a shitload of clients. I’ve come up with the dot contact list system that allows me to differentiate between clients, friends, and acquaintances. If I know 4 Vanessa’s, I need to be able to tell the difference without having to go into the contact and search for clues, ’cause honestly, I don’t do last names and I’m lucky if I remember that my name as two s’s. One dot is someone you personally know. Two dots is for someone you sort of kind of know and should remember. Three dots for clients, and four for people who made you stand there and add their number to your phone.


Vanessa. = my cousin

Vanessa.. = the girl I met at a mixer one time that works for that company I want to partner with.

Vanessa… = my client

Vanessa…. = I have no idea who this person is and I probably won’t ever need their number.

Another thing I do that really helps me is I read my lists to other people. Chase doesn’t really know I do this, but sometimes I just say shit out loud and he reminds me about it later. The profesh version of this is a personal assistant. She constantly reminds me of everything and that’s very helpful too. ‘Cause honestly there are times when looking at my calendar scares me and I feel like it needs to take a village. So get you a village even if it’s just you and like two other people. Sometimes you need human help.

I hope y’all found some of this information helpful! There are other tools that I use but I don’t want to overwhelm you! Jk I’m just lazy.

Chat soon


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  1. Shakhan says:

    Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to take a look and see which ones I can incorporate into my daily routine.

  2. Kd says:

    Thank you ! I loved reading your blog. You make me want to do better.

  3. KEisha says:

    You give me hope that I can make something of myself despite my anxiety and being Leone do depression.

  4. Stephanie says:

    This is exactly what I need… Info I can actually use!!! SCORE!!!