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Jan 31

About a year ago, my friend Jannet asked me to head over to Amazing Lash Studio in Montclair NJ as a lash model for her new gig. I was obviously not going to decline that amazing offer. A year later and I’m hooked! I love having my lashes done and I feel so strange when they aren’t done.

Not only do I love the service, but the actual studio is amazing. It’s filled with friendly staff and of course, my girl Jannet is the best at what she does. That’s not even a biased statement. She is the lead lash tech at the Montclair NJ location. Rightfully so, too! Jannet makes you feel like the queen of everything. Your initial set takes about two hours or less. You’re allowed to speak, so a good conversation is a must. My girl always has the best stories, jokes and life advice.

Now let’s talk about my lashes. I have very short and straight lashes. They fall out pretty quickly on their own and although I have many lashes naturally, their lack of length doesn’t do anything for volume. Here are some photos in between refills and after a refill.

 pre refill pre refill

You can already see in that photo where my natural lashes are. Super short. Super not here for the glam. Super haters, but that’s what I have naturally so whatever. Here’s another before shot for a closer look!

 pre refill pre refill

Now this is where Jannet comes in and does her magic. Like literally, this is sorcery. I’m truly convinced.

 After After  After After

You can see here how my lashes look full, even and glamorous. In the video at the end of this post you’ll hear me answer some FAQ I get about my lash extensions. Will my lashes fall out? Will my natural lashes grow back? Is it expensive? All of those questions are answered in that video so be sure to watch.

You’ll see here the lash styles they provide. I’ve done the natural and it honestly wasn’t extra enough for me. I figured if I’m getting extensions, we’re going all out. What I get regularly are the Gorgeous lashes. They are thicker and fuller lashes all over. I’m not sure the exact length of the lash, but your tech should be able to tell you exactly what lash they reccomend for your natural lash type.

Caring for your extensions is pretty easy. I explain in my video the simple steps I take to make sure they last. Sometimes I’m super lazy though or just tired at the end of the day. But I still make sure I remove my makeup and wash my lashes. It’s important to use the products your lash tech recommends. Amazing Lash Studio sells safe and affordable products to care for and enhance your lashes. I use their mascara and their brush and whatever else Jannet tells me I need.

If you’re in the area and would like to visit an Amazing Lash Studio, I HIGHLY recommend the Amazing Lash Studio in Montclair NJ. I cannot rave enough about their staff, their service and their attention to detail. If you stop by be sure to let them know Denisse sent you. Everyone is wonderful but ask for Jannet. She’s the lash queen.


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  1. Iman

    January 31st, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    That’s my lash tech too…she’s amazing!


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