Dinner with Plated

Oct 4

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It’s almost been a month since I moved to Arizona and might I say it’s been lovely. Challenging, but lovely nonetheless. If you follow me on Instagram you know that Chase and I are renovating our four bedroom home. This means lots of running around and A LOT of decision making. So much so that some days we just want to grab some take out, but that adds up and isn’t always great for you. That’s why I’m super excited to partner with my friends over at Plated who were kind enough to gift us two meals.

Now I was definitely skeptical of having to do any sort of work in the kitchen because most days we’re both so tired, but this was so fun and easy. Chase and I were able to make a fresh meal and invite our friends, Michelle and Ted, over to enjoy a meal with us. Which if you ever host dinner, you know how stressful that can be at times. Imagine hosting dinner in a house that’s being gutted. Sounds insane until Plated shows up at your door with the freshest of ingredients.

What Chase and I love the most about Plated is that everything is prepared for you. All you have to do is follow the incredibly easy instructions. I mean they even had pictures for the visual learners like myself. We are able to split the tasks and prepare an incredible meal. The first night we had Basil – Parmesan Chicken. SO SO GOOD! What I also love about Plated is that if you’re not into an ingredient you don’t have to add it. Chase isn’t into tomatoes, and not all of us are huge fans of dairy, so we just prepped and garnished accordingly. It really is the meal kit that works for everyone.

Here’s our second meal which Chase made for us while I caught up on work. The Vietnamese Beef Meatballs. I had to refrain from eating it all by myself. This was so incredible and I literally stepped off to my desk for less than an hour. By the time I got back lunch was plated and ready.

Oh and we can’t forget this tasty Apple Crumble we had for dessert with HOMEMADE ROSEMARY WHIPPED CREAM. I know. I’m still drooling and I got to eat it. It’s basically bourgeois apple pie minus the guilt of the crust, AKA made for me.

We really enjoyed making these meals. It’s been such a relief to be able to eat a nice homemade meal without the hassle of running to the grocery store and prepping, in between calling contractors, furniture shopping and more. Plated takes the cooking load off your shoulders while still allowing you to enjoy the fun things cooking brings.. like eating. That’s always fun! Don’t forget to check Plated out to receive 40% off your first TWO orders.


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