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Feb 15

 gjenmi jewerly

I recently met my insta BFF Jenny Sung a few weeks ago. We bonded over politics, feminism, and a pair of Vans sneakers I purchased because of how sick Jenny styled them. I learned that Jenny owns one of the prettiest shops on the planet, Gjenmi Jewelry. Jenny was generous, kind, amazing (what other adjectives describe my joy and tears?) to send me these gorgeous pieces. Listen, nothing says february, feminism, and woman like gold and diamonds from Gjenmi Jewelry.

 gjenmi jewerly

 Gjenmi Jewelry

I have the pleasure of hosting the Luna Diamond Signet Ring. It is a 14k gold ring with the most feminine diamond touch in the middle. This ring is made to order in Los Angeles and comes with the option of a white or black diamond. I am never taking this off. I know they say things like “diamonds are a girls best friend” and normally I’d call bullshit, however wearing this piece has really elevated my affection for diamonds.

 gjenmi jewelry

 Gjenmi Jewerly

I also have the Neuw Choker. It is the perfect piece for layering or wearing alone. Dainty, super feminine and soft. You can easily wear this every single day for the rest of forever. Because here’s the thing, as we get older and tasteful we realize that cheap and disposable pieces don’t really work anymore. Personally, because my style has softened so much, pieces like Gjenmi’s conflict-free pieces really complete any look I want to pull off. Whether I just want to throw some lipstick on and a t-shirt, or I want to wear a dress and get all extra with my Gucci. These pieces are must-haves.


Listen, valentine’s day has come and gone (just 24 hours ago but it’s still gone). Put everything Gjenmi makes on your birthday wishlist, or treat yourself to some serious self-loving and invest in a piece that will elevate your life. I promise you, nothing is better than a beautiful piece of jewelry on your body. A piece that encapsulates everything that it means to be a woman. To be strong, but soft. To be beautiful and fragile but timeless and mesmerizing all at the same time.

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