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Mar 13

Hi, bb’s! About two weeks ago I launched #chasingdenissepresets . As a photographer and now influencer, I realized that a lot of the gorgeous Lightroom presets available for purchase were not compatible with darker or brown skin tones. They either made us look incredibly orange. Here’s an example of two edits using presets from a popular Lightroom preset pack I purchased.

While I’m happy to support my fellow influencers, I realized no matter how many packs I purchased or tested, they all made my clients look like extras in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Now, before purchasing presets you should be fully aware of the fact that presets are just a starting point for your edit. You will absolutely have to tweak and adjust basic settings to your liking.

When I shoot, I shoot in RAW format. That is the image quality that works best for me and is much better than JPG. Most Lightroom Presets should be applied on a RAW image. My presets work best on RAW images. Because JPG’s are of a lower quality, a preset will look very different in comparison to the application on a RAW image. The result of an applied preset also depends on lighting, location, colors in the image, etc.

So, in order to avoid misleading anyone and to give you some editing examples, here are some images that show the before image, the applied preset image and finally the tweaked image.

#NowTrending is my absolute favorite. You see to the far left, the original image looks pretty good. When I apply the preset, the image is a bit washed out. What I did here brought my exposure down along with cooling the image a tiny bit. I tend to go for a moodier look in my photos so this works for me.

#WarmColtrane is a more yellow-toned faded look. I personally don’t really use the faded look in my professional work, but I know many people who love it so I thought it would be great to create that look without washing out our melanin. For this one, all I did was bring the exposure down a bit. Otherwise, it’s true to color and tone.

My second favorite, #JoniBlue, is a slightly faded and cooler image. I tend to gravitate towards the blues and the muted tones. For this particular image, I brought down the exposure and brought down a bit of the saturation on the orange.

#VibrantThing is the closest to my signature style. It really makes the colors POP. For this image, I brought down my exposure a bit, because like I mentioned I prefer more of a flat look. However, both the immediate application and the tweaked version work for me. So far after #NowTrending, this one has been our most popular.

#StraightShot is a classing black and white look. I did no tweaking to this and I don’t normally have anything in B&W, but I know especially for studio shots, I really love B&W.

Here are some more before + afters.

As I previously mentioned, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you use a RAW image when applying these presets. You should also note that they are specifically for Adobe Lightroom, and will not work on any other platform. A lot of you have asked if you can use these on LR mobile. I’ve googled it and there are some videos that show you how to manually do it, so you can check those out if you’d like. Otherwise, these are specifically made for the desktop version of Lightroom.

Here are some more of my fav’s using #NowTrending

Thanks for checking this out! I hope you guys find the presets that work for you. Even if it’s from another shop, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remember that most presets are specifically for Lightroom. Preset results always depend on camera settings, style, colors, etc Learn more about my presets HERE, and feel free to comment below with any questions or thoughts.


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  1. A.

    March 15th, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    Wow this is so great! As someone with absolutely no photography background; getting the perfect edit on my pictures was something I always struggled with.

  2. Ola

    April 19th, 2018 at 8:14 am

    These are beautiful! My photography suffers quite a bit. Although I’ve been trying to learn my camera for about a year now, my shots are still very hit and miss. Only within the last week or so I’ve taken the step to shoot in raw. Hopefully this will improve things for me. Thank your these tips.


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