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Mar 28

In partnership with Kia Motors

Alright, so you know I’ve been pretty obsessed with the new Kia Stinger since NYFW’s raceway adventure, and then December when Chase and I got to drive it Arizona for the holiday. If you missed that, check that out HERE. So much fun! Yes, I received monetary compensation from Kia to promote the Kia Stinger, but I really do love it and I never post anything I don’t actually believe in. ESPECIALLY A WHOLE ENTIRE CAR. It’s a brilliant car with so many incredible features, but let’s be honest. I’m not a car girl. I don’t know how much RAM is in it. JK that’s computers. But seriously, I know when to change my oil and how to call my dad when I hear weird sounds coming from my car. I know nothing is my point, so when Kia invited me to join in on their #StingerExperience I immediately accepted because HELLO. I love Metlife Stadium, and I get to drive a Stinger again and this time I get to learn about the car from a professional.

So here’s how it works: You get to the track you see above. YES, there’s a racetrack.  You’re greeted by the lovely Kia staff and they check you in. When you check in, be sure to look around and take it all in. An entire row of Kia Stingers in various colors. I WANT THEM ALL. You’ll also see some comparative vehicles. We’ll get into that in a second. After you mentally choose which car you’ll drive, you get to walk into the trailer where you’ll watch some really beautiful Stinger videos and get some pretty cool information from your Kia informant. I hope the tour has the same one all around because he is hilarious and he answers questions in the BEST way.

You’re then split up into a few groups and you receive a hands-on tour of the Kia Stinger. I’m talking hood up, trunk open, magic moving car parts. The whole thing is magical. I loved this portion of the Stinger Experience because it’s more intimate and so you’re able to ask any and every question to someone who literally knows the car inside and out. I also loved hearing everyone else’s questions because I felt like I was actually learning things I didn’t know I wanted to know. This portion was also cool because they’re not just pointing at things and telling you what they are. They are pressing buttons, asking questions and demonstrating in the best way possible. As a very visual person, this was key for me. Plus you get to sit in the stinger so I’m sure at some point I just made up questions so I could stay inside, FOREVER.

OKAY. Now the part that is probably everyone’s favorite. The laps. You get three laps. A lap in a comparative vehicle. A lap in the Kia Stinger, and then a lap driven by a professional driver. The hot lap. It is fast and exhilarating. I drove the comparative vehicle first. I think it’s safe to say that for me personally, this car has NOTHING on the Stinger. I will say I like the way the doors closed when I got out and walked to the Kia Stinger. They were pretty silent. Other than that, it’s not as smooth and I didn’t dare go fast because I didn’t have the confidence that I wasn’t going to take out every cone on the track with that car. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful car and it has a bunch of cool features as well, but I think everyone likes a smoother ride. Remember those features I mentioned on the Stinger? There are a bunch of safety features that let you take on slick roads, curves knowing that it’s going to go exactly where you take it.

My favorite part of the track was when you get to take the stinger from 0-60. Yes, you can take the Stinger that fast in about 4.7 seconds. This portion not only allows you to see and feel the power of the Stinger, but you also get to experience the breaks on that magic ride. I’ve never felt breaks like that in my life, and this is NYC. Everyone is stopping short and cutting you off so you’re on high alert and your brakes are your best friend. I thought I knew good brakes, WRONG. These are magical brakes. The s curves and ins and outs were also fun to drive. Just watch these few seconds of me not knowing what to do with my life during the hot lap.

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Back in December, we had the Stinger for a little over 15 days which is more than enough time to see what a car is made of. WRONG. I had no idea what that car was made of until that hot lap. Overall, the track is fun and super safe. Take it from someone who has wild anxiety. I never felt uncomfortable, unsafe or insecure. My driver, Jay, who is the kindest human alive, let me go at my own pace. He let me ask all of my 10,000 questions and he was so great at guiding me through the track. So it was fun to drive the way you’re not allowed to drive and not get yelled at for it.

The entire process can be anywhere from one and a half to two hours so arrive ready to relax and take your time. You get to meet a bunch of new people, drive a REALLY FAST car and then you get a sweet goodie box on the way out. I won’t spoil the contents for you but I will say it’s full of magic just like the Stinger.

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the tour. If your city is listed, PLEASE PLEASE GO. Film your hot lap and tag me in your video because I need to feel better about mine, LOL.

  • Boston’s Gillette Stadium, Friday March 30th –  Sunday April 1st
  • Chicago’s Arlington Park, Friday April 6th – Sunday April 8th
  • Houston’s NRG Park, Friday April 13th – Sunday April 15th
  • Phoenix’s ISM Raceway, Friday April 20th – Sunday April 22nd

Visit KiaStingerExperience.Com to register. Trust me you want to do this ASAP because spaces are limited and I just might convince Chase to take a trip to each city with me so that I can experience the Stinger four more times. It really is my current favorite car. So much so that I’ll leave you with this little bonus here. One of my amazing followers went out and purchased a Stinger after my post in December. She loves it, and well.. read for yourself.

Maybe that’ll be you next time we chat. While you wait for your Stinger Experience date to come up, check out the Kia Stinger on their Website.


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  1. Angie Agerter

    March 28th, 2018 at 1:25 am

    It’s such a pretty beast of a machine. I am still in awe of it each and every time I see it. Real life or in pictures!