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Apr 7

 CNCPTS notebook @chasingdenisse

The post is made in partnership with CNCPTS Notebook

Look around your desk, or your bed depending on what kind of day it is. How many planners & Moleskine notebooks do you have laying around? If I’m asking myself, the answer is dozens. Now I swear by my iPhone’s notebook app, and I love being able to jot things down quickly, but nothing beats being able to take the pen to paper. I saw this notebook/planner by CNCPTS and I knew I had to have it. This notebook brings together all of the 4 different notebooks I use to run my business. I have a weekly planner, a monthly planner, a journal and a time management notebook. This one does all of that and more. 

 CNCPTS Notebook

Before I continue, let’s get one thing straight. This isn’t an ad. While this notebook was gifted to me by CNCPTS, I reached out to them. They didn’t ask for anything in return. Not a blog post, nor an Instagram post. They just asked that as an entrepreneur with multiple businesses, I give them my honest opinion. So here goes nothing.

Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it’s practical as well. At 8.46 x 6.38 inches, I can throw it into any bag. I also love that it’s tan. For me personally, tan leather wears so well and only looks better the more you use it. My 6 tan Madewell bags can attest to this. I promise! But that’s just the outside and if you’re on social,  you know that there are many things on there that look pretty but are useless AF. So let’s look inside. 

 CNCPTS Notebook

 CNCPTS Notebook

What really sells me on this is the way the weekly focus is set up. We have Monday through Friday, but then we have day and night tasks. This is important because it’s not an overwhelmingly large space. This encourages the user to prioritize. I know that when my planners have HUGE weekly spaces I’m writing in things like “laundry,” “drink water,” “breathe,” and other nonsense just to fill in the spaces. You’ll notice Saturday and Sunday have larger spaces. For me this is ideal because I generally do A LOT on the weekend in order to ensure that my week goes smoothly. The weekend is also when I shoot or prepare for branding consultations. 

I also love the right side of the page which has an actual section for priorities which range from high to low. There’s a section for personal to do’s and chores/errands as well. On the bottom you will find a reasonable amount of space for notes. There are even a few words of inspiration at the bottom of the page. Nothing too cheesy though. Just the right amount of encouragement to get those wheels turning towards a goal. My wheels are always turning, and they don’t always have a clear direction, so this is useful. 

 CNCPTS Notebook

Check out this monthly view. Now, this is really different for me. I’m used to larger spaces. Large enough to write down a few things per day, but small enough where I can’t write it all down. I feel like in other planners when you have so much monthly space, you end up wasting the weekly space given to you. CNCPTS knows exactly what it’s doing. These monthly views allow you to mark a significant date, then write down priorities for the month and your personal to do’s. You can also write out the important dates so that you don’t forget. Making intelligent use of space both minimally and logically. I’m obsessed. 

 CNCPTS Notebook

Now the section that backs up the name. The Concepts section gives you space to write or draw out your concept. Then you can write out real factors. Feasibility, passion, profitability, marketability, and total. Really encourage you to think your concept or idea through. So you’re not just coming up with something, working on it for forever, only to then realize you’ve got no real passion for it, or it’s not marketable. Even worse, the total is way out of your budget. You figure out all of those important points first. It’s the perfect drawing board. 

 CNCPTS Notebook

So there you have it. The PERFECT new addition to your hustle. You know, I told myself that this year I would work smarter, not more. So having tools like this CNCPTS notebook is going to do exactly that for me. I don’t need a million things or loads of space. I need only what I need, otherwise, it’ll just be overwhelming and it will allow my already insane brain to farther wander into places that it has no business being in. Like how I don’t need to write down “load dishwasher” just because I have space. The result of too much is usually planners on my floor and all over my desk. The result of doing just the right amount is carrying this CNCPTS notebook with me everywhere because there is nothing else that I need. 

When you visit be sure to sign up so that you can receive 10% off your first order. The notebook is $35 which is already a steal, and they offer free shipping on all orders over $75, or a flat rate of $5 for shipping for orders placed in the U.S. It’s the perfect gift for yourself, or for a hustler you admire. Ditch the Starbucks gift card and grab them one of these instead. It’s so perfect I kind of don’t want to touch it, but it’s also so perfect I cannot wait to fill it with all of the right things. I hope you guys love it as much as I do.


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