California Dreaming with Blake Lane

Jul 17

Hi friends! Ugh. I’ve been so busy preparing for my transition to Arizona, shooting like a mad woman and traveling. I’m currently writing this from @torontoshay’s living room in Toronto before my Uber picks me up and takes me to the airport. It’s Monday morning and I couldn’t wait another day (it’s Tuesday now.. busy) to tell you all about my incredible brunch experience at Blake Lane. As I mentioned, I’ve been super busy. I haven’t even seen any of my friends in FOREVER. I invited my bb Leila to meet me at Blake’s for some girl time.

Let’s talk about the most important thing on this menu… POPCORN. Yes ladies and gents, there was popcorn at Blake Lane’s. I just about died because if you know me, you know that popcorn is my fav food. We started with these super refreshing aloe cocktails. If you’re in that NYC heat, trust me, this is a must. Then of course popcorn. Leila had the Steak Bhan Mi and I had the Poke bowl. Now I will say, this has been my fav poke bowl ever but I also had never had poke before then. OH! You know it’s Leila and me, so we’re hella extra so we ordered the pancakes too! Balance. Also, Blake Lane’s was giving me major Cali vibes. I remember in LA all the food had this freshly picked and made taste. The food here made me feel like I was in LA.

Out of all of the dishes we had, I’ll have to say the Poke bowl was my fav. Everything had a super fresh taste and if you’re into some spice I recommend their house made hot sauce for an extra kick.

What I also loved about Blake Lane was the service. Granted it was a fairly chill morning at the restaurant, and it is a tight space so I’m not sure what it’s like during lunch hours or after lunch, BUT we were treated so great. Now yes, Blake Lane did invite me to try their restaurant, but that same customer service was extended to all of their guests which really impressed Leila and I. We had lots of questions, some special requests, and everyone was nothing short of accommodating.

If you’re looking for California-fresh type food and excellent service I highly recommend Blake Lane. I also highly recommend we go for poke bowls and drinks to fight off this ungodly heat wave, seriously! If you do happen to stop by be sure to tell them I sent you and get the popcorn. It’s unlike any popcorn you’ve ever had, I promise!


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