3 of my favorite NYC photographers

Aug 19

When I announced that I was moving to Arizona in September, everyone’s first reaction was, “What will we do without you!?” As promised I’m be sharing some of my favorite street style and lifestyle photographers in New York City. Now keep in mind that I know all three of these photographers personally. I have recommended them for work and have an active relationship with them. While there are MANY amazing photographers in New York, these are the first three that I will share.

Marta Skovro


I can’t really recall how I met Marta. I know that she did work for a client of mine and after that I was in love. I always tell people when recommended her for work that she is way better than me. Marta has an editorial background and although she did not start with street style, she has quickly entered that world and showed us all that she is here to slay. She is easy to work with, super sweet and extremely efficient. Accommodating like no other and respected in our industry. She is an incredibly versatile blogger well versed in both indoor and outdoor photography.

I should also mention she’s incredibly reliable. Just two weeks ago I was stuck with three straight days of delayed and canceled flights in Michigan. I had a shoot for a client in the Hamptons and I was able to recommend her for the job fully believing that she was more than capable to deliver exactly what my client wanted. Trust me, I can’t wait to learn a thing or 12 from her. I love me some Marta and I know you will too!

DP Jolly


I always feel like a proud mom when talking about DP. You should know that it is for no reason at all as he’s just a powerhouse on his own and I had absolutely nothing to do with it. While many of my clients usually ask for a female photographer, I oftentimes recommend DP anyway because his level of on set respect and professionalism speak volumes. He is talented, quick, versatile and the work he produces is top notch. My favorite of his works would have to be his portraits. He has a way of capturing people in a way you don’t see them at first. I really love that he can capture the same person in different settings and sometimes make it look like a different person. Not in a bad way, but more like he knows how to shoot not just subjects, but vibes, settings, and surroundings. This is important, especially when you’re looking for someone to shoot a campaign.

Lauren Cowart


Like most people you’ll ever hear me gush about, I can’t remember how I met Lauren. I’m going to go ahead and say I met her a few years ago at Afro Punk. Her work is amazing and she is one of the photographers I relate to the most. We both shoot everything from commercial to street style, weddings and portraits. Last year a company mistook the event date and unfortunately caught the mistake too late. I was already booked for a gig and had to find someone for them ASAP. Lauren was kind enough to make herself available and they company loved her.

One of the things I really admire about Lauren is her ability to make you feel good. This is important because if you can’t vibe with your photographer, it’ll show in your photos. Granted not everyone is for you but I’m pretty sure she’s for most people. I also really love that she can shoot different skin tones together. This may sound silly, but when there’s a big difference in skin tone when shooting multiple subjects, you don’t want the other person to be washed out. That’s a quick way to be displeased with the final product or have a company ask you to shoot the project again. She is just as fierce as she is sweet. Truly one of my favorites, and she travels too!

I personally love and believe in all three of these photographers as friends and professionals. Make sure you check them out and be on the look out for my next round of favs. Got a favorite creative in NYC? Leave a comment below and share. I’m always looking to connect with fellow magic makers.



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