The Perfect Little Black Shoe

Aug 22

In Partnership with Ally Shoes

If you’ve seen me out and about, chances are you’ve only ever caught me in sneakers, sandals, or flats. I’m a girl who lives for comfort and ease. I love me some So Kates and everyone loves a good pair of Manolo’s, but those shoes do not work for me. Like I said, if I could just walk out in slippers all day, I would. Comfort. So when Ally Shoes gifted me this perfect pair of black heels I was a bit skeptical. Usually, shoes that pretty are too narrow and a bit uncomfortable. Well, very uncomfortable. These feel like walking on air. Here’s why:

 image via ally shoes image via ally shoes

Ally shoes come in half sizes and three different widths: Narrow, Medium and Wide. They also come in SIXTEEN sizes. Yes, you read that correctly. SIXTEEN! Sizes 5 to 11.5. The Ally team makes it incredibly easy to order, exchange or return your heels. When you’re all set to order you even get a dust bag to keep your shoes in. This is great for storage and travel. You’re going to want to travel with these. Trust me!

 Image via Ally Shoes Image via Ally Shoes

The Ally Shoes nude collection is available in two different materials and five different colors. Suede and Leather, and they come in Pearl, Beige, Tan, Caramel, and Mocha. All inclusive and diverse. As a woman of color, I know firsthand how hard it is to find nude anything. Usually, the nudes available to us are not even close to accurate. This is a real game changer.

 Image by Ally Shoes Image by Ally Shoes  Image via Ally Shoes Image via Ally Shoes

Now before I give you all the goods, the links and such, you know how important it is to me to support women in business. The Ally shoe is designed in NYC and hand-made in Shanghai’s bespoke fashion district. The Ally team consists of CEO and Founder Samantha Dong, Chief Scientist Dr. Roxann Clarke, and head designer Sara Jaramillo. Y’all, THIS IS A WOMEN FOUNDED COMPANY. By Women, for Women. How amazing is that?

 Ally Shoes Team - Image by Ally shoes Ally Shoes Team – Image by Ally shoes

Okay so right now The Ally team has an amazing campaign going on that you can find HERE: I highly recommend you get yourself a pair or two. Standing on a crowded subway won’t feel like torture again, I promise. Send me a pic of your Ally Shoes and who knows, next time we run into each other I may just be rocking the most comfortable pair of little black heels you’ve ever seen.



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