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Feb 25

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I am so thrilled to share my latest partnership for many reasons. Two of the brands that I ADORE have joined forces to build a size-inclusive collection, & by the end of this post, you’ll want ALL of the pieces. @adidaswomen & @Universalstandard created a line of fitness clothing that empowers us all.

I mean, y’all know how much I stand for Universal Standard, and if you’ve seen me in the last 8 years, I usually ALWAYS have a pair of Stan Smith adidas on. Safe to say I love both of these brands.

For this particular partnership, I got to try the PERFORMANCE LONG-SLEEVE TOP in white, and the 3-STRIPES 7/8 TIGHTS. I love both of these pieces. Now, before I get into the deets of what’s in my cart right now, I’ll share some of my favorite features of this duo.

The PERFORMANCE LONG-SLEEVE TOP is made of stretch jersey fabric which is fantastic for movement. I recently started doing Zumba at home, and the amount of upper body freedom you need blew my mind. This top is definitely great for moving without feeling like you’re going to burst, or everything is sticking to your skin.  

For those into the superfine deets, this crewneck is made of 97% polyester & 3% elastane single jersey. The sleeves are long and in the end, there are thumbholes. You can grab this baby in black, white, shock yellow, & team royal blue. Which like, can we talk about how cool that name is? Team Royal Blue!?

The 3 STRIPES 7/8 TIGHTS are so comfortable and soft. They are tight but you don’t feel constrained. High-rise, which is a must for me. Because I have a smaller waist, I absolutely cannot do mid or low-rise tights. I can’t imagine spending my entire work out pulling my pants up. So, I guess we can say that’s my favorite feature on these tights.

Another feature I love is the length. I’m fairly short. 5”3 to be exact. Usually, when I buy tights, I end up having to cuff them or they bunch at the knees. These are perfect for me because they stop right at my ankle and there’s no weird bunching.

For the detailed deets, these are made of 85% RECYCLED POLYESTER to save resources and decrease emissions (YAS) and 15% elastane interlock. There is an inner waist pocket for your fitness secrets and small valuables. There’s also an outside pocket. These are also available in BLACK and I’m wearing the TEAM ROYAL BLUE color.

Now let’s go shopping!! Arizona doesn’t get too much weather, but it does get a bit chilly. So I’m looking at the LONG TRACK JACKET. It’s a half-track jacket, a half trench coat. It’s specially designed to land around mid-thigh and keep you warm on those cooler walks, runs or hikes. There are also side zip pockets that come in handy.

If you’re into shorts, you’ll love the STANDARD 3-STRIPED SHORT TIGHTS. Literally the same deets as the tights I’m wearing, except they are shorts. These come in BLACK, MAROON, and TEAM ROYAL BLUE. Great for summer and honestly, also great if you’re into the blazer/fitness shorts look. A look if the cute crop top and fitness shorts are your thing too. Y’all know I LOVE me a versatile piece.

Another piece I’m super into is the 3-STRIPES BODYSUIT. I know so many of y’all love a good bodysuit, and though I’m usually reluctant to try them, this one looks so fire. It’s a compression fit with a half zip around the neck. Made of 85% polyester & 15% elastane interlock. Like the tights, it’s a 7/8’s in length. There’s a scoop back which is great for showing off those dope sports bras (if you choose to rock one). This particular piece comes in both BLACK & TEAM ROYAL BLUE.

There are some other products you can definitely check out, but I won’t keep you here forever. I want to share my absolute favorite part about this collaboration between US and adidas. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this is a size-inclusive collaboration. This collection is available in sizes 2XS – 4XL. Universal Standard is all about fashion freedom and meeting women where they are. I’m so glad that adidas has joined that mission and together they have blessed us with this magical collection.

You can click here each item to shop the post. Thanks for stopping by!

*These items were gifted to me by the brand, but all opinions are my own. Images by @nofacechase_

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  1. Nicole says:

    You showcased the line so beautifully!!!