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Jan 17

Before we start this exciting conversation about diffusers and oils, you should know I’m not an expert. You should also know this isn’t a pyramid scheme to get you to sell essential oils for me so that I can live in a mansion. I’m just sharing my personal journey with this particular product.

Oh! Another note. I have two of these diffusers. One I purchased myself, and the other was gifted to me by Vitruvi after I had already purchased one. 

I’ve been using an essential oil diffuser for about 6-7 years now. I’ve always used the same two oils. Eucalyptus, and Lavender. Being completely ignorant of the actual uses of oils, I’ve really just used these because they have helped my migraines and they smell nice. Knowing what I know now, I’ve come up with some recipes and oils that have really helped me get my life.

As I mentioned I have two of the Vitruvi Stone Diffusers. I have one in white and one in black. There is one on my nightstand, and the other sits at my work desk. Because I work from home, it’s super important for me to create a zen-like space. Think of it as a spa in your office. This stone diffuser runs at $119.  I know you’re thinking that it’s much cheaper to get one at Marshall’s or Fairway, but I will say this. Over the years I’ve purchased may inexpensive diffusers. As someone who uses them regularly, they have ALL. BROKEN. Being that this is a product that is important to my everyday life, I did a TON of research and I believe it is 1000% worth the investment.

Let’s talk oils:

I’ll be completely honest and say that these are my first set of premium oils. I have ALWAYS purchased oils from whole foods, Amazon, or my local market. Which is totally fine. If you want to invest in a premium diffuser and less costly oils, I support this. HOWEVER, once you go premium, YOU ARE NEVER GOING BACK. Trust me.

Vitruvi gifted me the oils you see above. We have the Boost, which consists of Juniper, Lime, Grapefruit, and Bergamot. A nice sweet and citrusy way to start your morning. It’s a very “feel-good” blend. As their website suggests, I’d totally use this one in the morning. It reminds me of vacation without the attack on my bank account.

Dusk is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. It contains two of my favorite oils, Lavender, and Eucalyptus. It also contains Ho Wood and Frankincense. This is a great end of day blend. You can run it while you’re in bed, winding down and getting ready to fall asleep. The best sleep you’ll ever have. Truly.

A quick personal note: I use a lot less oil than the average person because I’m incredibly allergic to strong fragrances. For me, one or two drops of any oil are perfect. It’s all a matter of preference. If you want somewhere to start, Vitruvi oils come with suggested amounts. For example, Dusk is 10-15 drops. I do about 3-5. It works for me.

Medicinal Use:

I’m not a doctor. Although I would note that I am a loyal Grey’s Anatomy fan, and given the opportunity, I’m sure that I can slay a tracheotomy (in my dreams). Now that I’ve given you that disclaimer, here are the oils that work for me:

For headaches, I love using Eucalyptus on its own, or peppermint. Lavender is also fantastic for my migraines. If I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed, I like putting in one or two drops of Eucalyptus with a few drops of Lavender. Peppermint is great when I’m feeling stuffy. If you’re Hispanic, think of the feeling you get when your mom whips out the vapor rub.

There’s a plethora of information online. I stick to what I know and what works for me. It does go without saying that if you are seriously ill, you should absolutely seek professional medical help and this diffuser will not save you.


I love Vitruvi for several reasons. Not only because their diffusers are gorgeous. That’s obvious. Vitruvi is a company made of a team of amazing women, for women. It was actually founded by siblings Sara and Sean Panton (you know I love me a good back story). They are Canadian (because everything in Canada is amazing and I’m moving there), but the line was inspired by Sara’s travels all over the world.

THEY ALSO GIVE BACK. If you’re not new here, you know this is important to me. Vitruvi works with One Girl Can—a Canadian charity based in Vancouver that works collaboratively with schools and communities in Kenya and Uganda. They provide mentorship and education for girls in Africa, starting in high school and continuing through university, up until they are earning a salary in their chosen field. You can read more about that here.

Their current initiative is the most exciting part of Vitruvi to me. For every woman employed at their company, Vitruvi will fund a young woman’s education in Kenya. That includes enough money to cover a laptop, living expenses and tuition for four years. This made my personal investment even more meaningful.

As per usual, I like products that are natural. These oils are 100% natural. That means they aren’t diluted, they don’t have fillers and there are no surprise ingredients. Though I personally don’t ingest them, 8 out of their 15 oils are certified organic. However, if you find that you’re into that (no judgment) you should see a professional before putting oils inside your body.



A quick note to some of y’all with pets. Please remember to do your research. As per the internet, ea tree, cinnamon, citrus, pennyroyal, pine, sweet birch, wintergreen, and ylang-ylang are toxic for dogs. Before diffusing around your furry friend, please do your research!


When I purchased my diffuser, the only colors available were black and white. Sadly for me but lucky for you, they created three new diffusers in the colors of my dream. The Tuscany collection is gorgeous and I NEED THEM ALL. Let’s pause and remember that I’m not being paid for this and the brand did not ask me to do this. I’m just a HUGE fan of Vitruvi. So much so that I think our guest bedroom and our kitchen need a diffuser. Just. Saying.

Vitruvi makes it super easy to fulfill your aromatherapy needs. You can shop by scent, function or oil. They even have roll-on oils and misters.


My goal for this year is to be better at self-care. Even if that means investing a little more into small luxuries like a premium diffuser and oils. It’s so important to take time for yourself and to take care of yourself. Life is too short to breathe in janky oils and BPA. Treat yourself. You’ll thank me later.


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