Breakfast in Bed with Parachute Home

Jan 2

Happy 2019, everyone!

If you’ve been following along our #myrickreno you’ll know we just got our floors installed a few weeks ago. We also just finished having the house painted. Like any home project, or in our case any home renovation, it’s stressful and tiring. We’ve slept in the living room floor on a mattress. We’ve slept on the couch, and for the last few weeks, the guest bedroom was our room. So you can imagine why once our master bedroom was about 80% together (we’re waiting on some amazing artwork and more plants), I treated myself to a very nice breakfast in bed. But not just any bed, a bed full of the most comfortable sheets you will ever sleep in.

When I came across the Parachute Home Linen Venice Bedding Set I was completely smitten. They come in seven different colors for Full, Queen, King and Cal King beds. The set includes a fitted sheet, a duvet cover and two pillowcases. We went with the blush set because let’s be honest, you know I love a good blush anything.

Here’s what Chase and I loved about this particular blush set. It’s a muted blush which means it’s not too pink. I don’t think Chase would’ve liked sleeping in a Lisa Frank bed. Although the 10-year-old in me wouldn’t mind that much. This is more of a sophisticated blush. My second choice was the bone. UGH. That might have to be my next set. Or the Coal. That dark and moody feel for the winter. *adds to cart*

I can’t say it enough. I am obsessed with this particular shade of blush. However, I did want to bring in a little contrast to our bedding. We went with the Double-Faced Merino Throw for a subtle but luxurious pop. It’s made with 100% Merino wool, and my favorite part is the detailed eyelash trip that borders the entire throw. I also love that we can use the light grey side or the darker side. We LOVE having options.

I chose to partner with Parachute because aside from loving their products, I really love their company. Parachute was founded by Lady Hustler Ariel Kaye. According to Ariel’s Founder’s Note, she was inspired Years ago while traveling in Italy and checking into a hotel on the Amalfi Coast (goals). After trying to find similar bedding to said hotel, she realized most of the linens here were the same and so in 2014 Parachute Home was born.

Parachute’s products are designed in Venice Beach and responsibly manufactured all across the world. With only the best of the best, they use 100% Egyptian cotton, pure European flax and 100% Turkish cotton. No funny business.

My favorite part about Parachute is that they give back. They donate their returned items to Habitat for Humanity. Fern really loves these sheets and so if she understood, I’m sure she’d be pleased to know that they also donate a percentage of every Dog Bed purchased to Love Leo Rescue. They even partner with the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing but Nets campaign. This is a campaign that sends life-saving malaria-prevention bed nets to those in need. So for every Venice bedding set sold, like the one above, they donate one bed net. You also have the opportunity to make your own contribution at checkout. So far they’ve donated over 30k bed nets. All. Of. The. YAS.

According to science and research, the average person will sleep 229,961 hours in their lifetime. That’s basically a third of your life. Why not give yourself the best 229,961 (subtract a few here and there) hours of comfort and bliss with Parachute’s Venice Bedding Set?

Chase, Fern and I are looking forward to many breakfasts hosted in bed. Lot’s of sleeping in and an array of linen’s that really bring our room together. After a long and stressful renovation, this is the level of grace that we needed.

*The Venice Bedding set was gifted to us by our friends at Parachute but as always, my review is honest and clear.

All photos by Chase Myrick

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