Brilliant lighting with Hudson Valley Lighting

Feb 4

Our house is FINALLY coming together. It’s been one heck of a ride, but it’s been so much fun. As we’re wrapping up we’re learning that a lot of what makes a room is the details. Decor, not so much. You can change up your temporary accessories as often as you please. The permanent fixtures have been the hardest to choose. Especially when it came to our partnership with our friends at Hudson Valley Lighting.


For our dining/kitchen area, we wanted to go with a bit of chic, and a lot of mid-century modern. Hudson Valley Lighting has the most gorgeous mid-century pieces. Guys, this was really hard to choose. It was also hard because we chose our light fixture before we had any of our furniture, so we basically styled our open area around the Coffey light fixture.

I knew that I wanted something simple yet bold. The Coffey light fixture has elements of both, and then some. The Edison bulb really gives it that vintage feel, but the thick glass shade really ties it all in.


Installing this fixture was fairly easy. Mind you, it was a bit difficult for us because as you can see above, our ceilings are slanted. No matter what sort of fixture we got, we knew this would be an issue for us. That’s why we chose the longer pendant. We wouldn’t lose the elegance and style of the Coffey fixture, but we could still modify it to fit our specific needs.

The Coffey Fixture is an adjustable fixture. This is good to know because we can make ours as short or as long as we’d like. We have very high ceilings and so this kind of fixture worked best for us.

The fixture took about 15 minutes to install, including the removal of our previous fixture. Chase installed it with the help of our friend Ted. They both felt comfortable working on that, but I will remind you that if that is not something you have experience with, you should absolutely consult with a professional.


This pendant really makes our entire space. It matches our cabinet hardware, faucet, and accessories perfectly. It’s just the right amount of extra to attract compliments, but it’s also simple enough where it doesn’t take away from the rest of our space.

I am so obsessed with it for several reasons. Obviously, because it’s gorgeous, but most importantly (for me anyway), it’s SO EASY TO CLEAN. We just take glass cleaner, a paper towel or cloth and wipe away. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about that part. I tried to stay away from everything made of glass because I didn’t want to spend time having to wipe it down every other day. It gets super dusty here. Cleaning our fixture takes about TWO minutes and I don’t even need a step stool because we dropped it down fairly low.

If you’re looking for a lighting fixture, whether it’s a lamp, a pendant, or an exterior light, I HIGHLY recommend our friends at Hudson Valley Lighting. Investing in a permanent fixture like lighting doesn’t have to be hard. If you’re going to invest, invest in something that is both gorgeous, and high quality. Also, something that is easy to maintain.

What’s your favorite kind of lighting? Leave a comment below. Can’t wait for this house tour!


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