DIY Charcuterie Board

Aug 17

We all LOVE those gorgeous cheese/charcuterie boards we see on Pinterest. What if I told you they are SUPER easy to make? In under 30 minutes, you can have the perfect board for entertaining guests, summer brunching, rosé parties, or whatever you fancy. Let’s get to it!

I purchased my board years ago from Homegoods for about $20.00. Best kitchen purchase I’ve ever made. Sadly, I left it back East when I moved. Lucky for us though, Homegoods, TJMaxx, Marshalls and Target are full of a variety of wooden and marble boards that are PERFECT for this.

I’ve labeled the items in this image so that you can save it and check back in while you’re perusing the grocery store. While these items are specific to my taste, you can switch it up and add whatever you’d like.


You want a few kinds of cheese on there. I’ve got brie, grand cru, sharp cheddar, and white cheddar. I’m not an expert at pairing cheeses with fruits or anything like that. But those are the ones that I love.

Fruits are important for this as well. You’ve got to have grapes. I love seedless green & concord grapes. Figs are my absolute favorite! Strawberries give it a bit of a pop of color, and of course, they are delicious. I’ve added a few plums, and though not included in this board, I usually have raspberries and blueberries on my boards.

For this particular set up, I only used cashews. I’m not a big fan of mixed nuts, but if you’d like to add variety, you can find great assortments of nuts. You’ll also notice I’ve got a bit of arugula in there. I promise it’s only for color. Unless you like dry arugula. In which case, godspeed.

For substance, I’ve got crackers and artisanal breadsticks. These come in handy for the jam and of course the cheese. And for a little something extra, I’ve added some Toblerone bars. You can use different chocolates for this. If you want to have a variety, I’d recommend dark, milk and semi-sweet chocolate. I was clearly only thinking of myself when I made this.

I hope you found this helpful! Making the charcuterie board of your dreams is not as hard as it looks. It makes the best appetizer platter, and the best girls night in highlight too!

As far as price points go, this board cost about $75 to make. That’s because I had some organic options in there. You can, of course, make the same thing according to your price point.

Now, who’s coming over for rosé and treats?


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  1. Niajah says:

    I would definitely come over for rose and treats, wonderful blog post as always

  2. Cassie says:

    I thought I knew how to make a cheeseboard, but DAMN. You’re a master! I got a huge rectangular cheeseboard from Ikea not long ago for $20 in case you need a new one!