Feeding Fern with Heed Foods

Jan 17

Hey friends! We’ve recently partnered with our friends over at Heed Foods, and if our pup, Fern, could speak she’d have her mouth full so she wouldn’t be able to do so anyway. She’s obsessed with this stuff, and we are too.


Before we get into how Heed Foods works and why we love it, let me just tell you what a LIFESAVER this subscription service is. We’ve only had Fern for a couple of months, but we’ve insanely busy with our home renovation. So busy, that we’ve had to run out and buy food once or twice. We’ve all been there. This service literally delivers your dogs food TO. YOUR. DOOR. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that.

P.S. The packaging is the freakin’ cutest. Fern’s name is on her bag and although she can’t really appreciate, I’m a sucker for great branding and personal touches on products we purchase.

How it Works

It’s quite simple actually. You head over to Heed Foods and you answer a few questions about your pup. It’ll ask you about their breed, activity levels, habits, etc. It’s also fun and easy. Like when you take those internet quizzes at your work desk that tell you what kind of cookie you are. No? Just me? Cool.

Once you answer those questions, Heed Foods comes up with a recipe that is tailor-made for your pup along with some feeding instructions. Fern’s feeding is a bit more frequent because she’s a fairly active puppy and she’s also supposed to grow A LOT more. I know. We’re scared too!

Chase and I love the suggested plan. You can obviously do what is most comfortable for you and your pup, but this guidance card is something that someone like me, who has never had a large puppy, could really benefit from.

What’s in it?

Heed Food’s recipes are straight to the point. No BS. They’ve got premium dry foods which help with your pups gut, teeth, and gums. They also add minimally processed, dehydrated meats, veggies, and fruits. My favorite part about this is that they retain almost 100% of their nutrients. It’s also a grain free mix of foods which I know is important for us. Especially since grains aren’t processed the way they used to be WAY back in the day (like ancient times).

You can read all of the details in their welcome packet as well as Heed Foods website, but as someone who is a strong believer in all things that promote gut health, I’m here for the pre and probiotics found in Heed’s pup food.

Why Heed?

We chose to partner with Heed Foods because we love Fern. We also wanted the chance to offer her a unique feeding experience that matches her super unique look. Because let’s be honest, have you ever seen a dog this cute? Honestly, though, each and every dog is different. There just aren’t enough foods on pet store shelves that are unique enough to cater to our individual pets.

Fern is a really special part of our family. We honestly didn’t know how important being able to give her unique food options was until we were able to. As pup parents, we’re committed to trying and doing everything we can to make sure she lives her best life. For us, right now, it’s Heed Foods.

Try it!

Don’t take my word for it, take your pups bark (so corny but it’s cute). Head over to Heed Foods and use the code FERN50 for 50% off of your order.

If you have any questions you can also leave a comment below or send Heed Foods a message. Their customer service is on point!


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