Framing Our Wedding with Framebridge

Oct 14

Hi, beautiful bb’s! Okay. I’m really excited about this one. As you know, we’re huge fans of Framebridge. We’ve worked with them before. You can check that out here. In our most recent partnership with them, we used the bedside split as a template to create a mini gallery wall in our entryway.

For this entryway, we wanted to share some of our wedding photos along with my favorite print of all time. I’ll breakdown why we chose what we chose, but let’s start with the actual process. Although I chatted about it in my first Framebridge post, this time it was a bit different.

The Process is so easy.

For our first run, we mailed in all of our art. Framebridge made that incredibly easy. For this run, we mailed in one piece of are and then uploaded high-res images. This was so convenient and time-saving. I highly recommend this service if you’re looking to get some digital photos framed.

My only cautionary statement is that their printing is a bit more saturated for some professionally shot photos, so that’s something you can reach out about if you’re a stickler for that. Our prints still look amazing and it didn’t bother us any. However, we did notice the difference and that’s something that you may want to consider when uploading your images.

The packaging is incredible

I didn’t touch on this in my previous post, but this packaging is amazing. You can really tell how attentive to detail our friends at Framebridge are. I don’t know about y’all, but the packaging makes me so nervous. Especially since fragile stickers aren’t always respected. We are fortunate to have literal angels for delivery people, but I’ve heard some horror stories and Framebridge eases us of all of those fears.

The pieces we chose are so special to us.

When my husband and I first started dating I’d already been in therapy for a few years. Yes, we do therapy here. Now I’ll admit that I didn’t really take therapy too seriously until I met him. Mostly because I’m human. Specifically, a human who self-sabotages a lot, and I didn’t want to do that. I knew I had something good and he made me want to better myself for myself.

One of the recurring phrases that my angel-faced therapist used was “War is Over” which we know to be iconic from John & Yoko’s Christmas photo/song. Over the last couple of years that has been a constant in our lives. For me, my partner feels like home. Like rest after a really long day. Like relief. That’s what that piece symbolizes for us and our relationship, and it was really important for us to have it as part of our gallery.

It was so hard to choose just a few wedding images. I will say, we’ve decided the wall is large enough for a huge gallery, so I think it’s safe to say this is just the beginning. Our sweet friend Jaryd took some STUNNING photos of our elopement. It goes without saying that it’s a really important and meaningful day, and since we had an intimate wedding, we thought it’d be wonderful to share some highlights on our wall.

Plus, we spend a lot of time in that area and so I find that I really enjoy drinking my morning coffee while staring at our love.

Our overall thoughts…

Framebridge is a big part of our family. Not just because this is a sponsored post, but because we’re really big on customer service, and they make us, and our friends who have used them feel like our precious pieces are the only pieces they’re framing. That sort of attention exists in frame shops, but it’s out of budget for a lot of people.

The affordability without cutting quality is the big seller for us. I really believe that everyone deserves to experience this. I know I’ve said it before. Probably the same exact way, but I really believe that.

Leave any questions or comments below.

Chat soon bb’s!

All photos by Chase Myrick


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