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Jan 30

I’ve always been a huge fan of art, but I’ve never really been well versed when it came to the framing part. I know that it is a lot of hard work, attention to detail and it’s very pricey. My friend Ed owns a frame shop in NJ and I’ve hung out there a number of times. I saw how he worked tirelessly to accommodate clients with insane time frames, great pricing, and beautiful framing. Even with the great pricing, it was something I couldn’t afford.

When I met my fiance, Chase, he had already collected pieces from one of my new favorite artists, James Jean. For Valentine’s day, he gifted me my very first JJ piece. Fast forward to a year later, and I had another one. Fast forward a little more, and I got one of my dream pieces this past holiday. So here we are with a total of 7 expensive and gorgeous art pieces. We searched around some frame shops to compare pricing and decided they’d just sit in their cardboard packaging for a while because there was no way we could spend $3,700-$5,000 on framing during our home renovation.


I contacted our friends at Framebridge and I expressed my interest in their service and in sharing it with my audience. We did A LOT of research. Our biggest fear was sending our limited edition pieces via mail and having them get lost or stolen. What a devastating nightmare that would have been. However, after reading reviews and chatting with the Framebridge team, we felt really really good about it.

Ordering was INSANELY EASY. All we did was upload a digital copy of the art along with measurements. We chose our frame material, entered a few more details and we were good to go. My favorite part about all of this is that we were even able to give specific instructions. For example, our art pieces are all limited run prints. They come signed by the artist, numbered and sealed. It was super important for us to have that be visible, and we were able to add that detail in our instructions for framing.


As I mentioned before, this is what we were most wary about. Framebridge made it incredibly easy. They provided us with the shipping labels. Because we never took the pieces out of their original packaging, we already had our shipping materials. Chase dropped it off at our local UPS and they were on their way.

Framebridge is incredibly communicative. Not only were we able to track our packaging but they alerted us when each piece arrived. This was so helpful and comforting. Once the pieces were framed they alerted us again and sent us the tracking information. This all took perhaps a couple of weeks. We sent in several large pieces and we did it during the holiday season. For the time of year, we sent it, this was basically the fastest service ever. Considering our local shop quoted us up to 6-7 weeks PER PIECE.


I’ll just say right off the bat that although this was a partnership, the amount of money that it would have cost us to frame all seven pieces through Framebridge is the cost of about one and a half pieces via a local shop. If you’re skeptical about the quality because of the price, I don’t blame you. However, know that we would never lessen the quality of our art with low-quality framing. If you know me, you know I’m as bourgeois as they come. Nothing but the best for our pieces. Especially since we just gutted our entire house and everything is brand new. We needed something to match the level of quality that the rest of our home has.


Partnership or no partnership, Framebridge is our framing place forever. Rest assured from my personal experience that this is a place you can trust. I’d send my diploma here, my certificates, prized possession work, etc. Now that we have a place we feel comfortable framing with, we are so eager to invest in more art. I’m looking forward to filling our home with all of the pieces that make us happy. Even my own work. Can you imagine how amazing the work that I’ve had featured in VOGUE will look? UGH. I cannot wait.


As always, I love a good come up story. Framebridge was founded by Susan Tynan. A lady hustler who saw a huge lack in the ease of framing and decided to do something about it. Normally I’d give you all the details, but you absolutely have to listen to her story on NPR’s How I built this.  It makes me really proud to have something in our home that supports someone’s dreams. Also, I’m all about that lady hustle!

A huge thank you to Framebridge for partnering with us on this. I hope you feel encouraged to purchase some art or print some gorgeous photos with the certainty that having a beautifully framed piece isn’t going to cost you a limb. Nor is it going to be a stressful process.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!



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