Guest Bedroom Makeover with Tuft and Needle

Mar 25

“Be our Guest, Be our Guest. Put our service to the test!” I hope you have that song stuck in your head now.

Here at Casa De Myrick we aim to make sure your stay is comfortable and memorable. After our remodel we quickly had an influx of guests staying with us. While super exciting, remember that old mattress we mentioned in our master bedroom Tuft and Needle Post? Well, we put that in our guest bedroom as a temporary fix. However, we quickly realized that if we wouldn’t spend another night on that god forsaken piece of cement, the people we loved shouldn’t have to either.

We took this empty, plain, super vanilla room and turned it into a small oasis for our guests. We really wanted a place where our friends and family could feel at home. This requires elements of comfort, tranquility and charm. The decor, spice, fluff.. none of that really matters if the place is uncomfortable. Can you remember the last time you woke up happy from sleeping on a bad mattress? I can’t either.


In order to make this room extra special, we decided to amp up the comfort just a notch. Our friends at Tuft and Needle  gifted us the MINT mattress. We have the OG in our master bedroom, but it looks like we are saving our coins to upgrade to the MINT. We truly had no idea that our sleep could get any better.

*I know this is a sponsored post and my enthusiasm probably sounds a little much, but I promise that there is no fluffing in this review. I STAN FOR THE TUFT AND NEEDLE MATTRESS ALL DAY. Both the OG & The MINT but mostly the MINT because I’m a fancy lady. 

So what’s the difference between the OG & the MINT? Let’s run through it really quick.

The MINT offers a bit more thickness and support. The OG works for us, but we did find that the MINT worked best for our needs. Not that it matters because it’s not even for us. It’s for y’all. Our guests. Maybe. I’m still thinking about it. *Did you know some of the greatest couples had separate bedrooms? Hello! I wouldn’t mind the MINT every night.

So far we have had four guests sleep in our guest bedroom and none of them had anything bad to say about it. In face, our girl @allthingsada literally decided she needs it. Like it’s not even a question. My cousin, Sabrina, who has very specific needs for her mattress because of her bad back had an amazing sleep and is also looking into it. The rest of our guests have just decided to move in. We’ll update you on how that’s going.

We added a few special touches. Some of my favorite books, plants and some treats. The shelves on the walls make it look a bit cozier, and of course the plants promote peace and tranquility. Mostly, if I’m honest, we had to keep up with all of the slayage Tuft and Needle sent us.

For this particular partnership we were able to try a few other things. This room (aside from the wall accessories) is completely outfitted in Tuft and Needle. We have the METAL BASE, BOX FOUNDATION, FULL MATTRESS, PILLOWS & a LINEN SHEET SET. All from T&N. We have linens in our Master Bedroom as well and it’s so nice to be able to give that bit of luxurious experience to our guests. Also, how incredible is it to get everything you need in ONE place?

*I need to add that when you order a MINT mattress you get free pillows. And these aren’t your regular, lame pillows. These pillows will change your life. We know because we have them in our master bedroom as well. And by we I mean me. I stole them both.* 

I’ll end with this. When our dear friend Ada came to visit, she said that our home felt like a hug and it made me cry. All of my life I’ve wanted to have a place where people felt at home. Where people could feel well rested and loved. I’m so thankful to our friends at Tuft & Needle for helping us achieve this very personal goal. I hope that every single person that stays with us feels a big, huge, amazing hug when they stay in this room.

If you’re looking to purchase a mattress, we strongly recommend both Tuft and Needle mattresses. Our personal favorite is the MINT, and we find that for something you spend so much time on, it’s worth the little extra splurge. We also recommend their bedding and their pillows. Right now, I personally have my eye on their wooden bed frame which is sold out [insert crying face here].

I know how hard and expensive buying a mattress can be, but I didn’t know how important it was until I moved out of my moms house and stopped sleeping on a mattress I thought I loved because I thought I loved feeling like I was sleeping on the floor. My energy levels are better. My mood is better. Fern sleeps better. OH! I guess now is a good time to tell y’all that this is actually Fern’s room and so if you want to stay with us you need to give us at least 7-10 business days notice so that we can get you a hotel room. JK

We can’t wait to host you!



*This review was written in partnership with our friends at Tuft & Needle. Although the items we mentioned above were gifted to us, note that I would NEVER post or rave about something I didn’t actually believe in. All opinions and obnoxious showcasings of enthusiasm are completely my own.*

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  1. Mariel

    March 27th, 2019 at 9:16 pm

    Ok let’s talk about how you’re putting my guest room to shame! My boo and I are looking to upgrade our guest room and you just gave me some inspo. I’ll definitely tell him about Tuft & Needle to see what he thinks. Also….. we are equally obsessed with plants. Won’t even tell you how many I have!