How to Style the Perfect Bar Cart

Jan 8

Everyone knows that one of the greatest accessories to your kitchen or living room is the perfect bar cart. Now that our entertaining area is almost fully renovated, we knew it’d be a great addition to our space. Although Chase does not drink, and I drink on occasion, it’s still a great display. That being said, you don’t need to drink to have an amazing bar cart. You can also substitute the liquor you see above with your favorite non-alcoholic cocktail mixes or drinks.

When we were building this bar cart, I searched high and low for inspiration. Most of what I found on Pinterest was far too cluttered, or a little too much for me. So our search began. We went to Target about a million times. As well as Ikea, CB2, West Elm, and others. There were just way too many options. We decided we’d just go on a whim and decorate our bar cart in a way that fit the personality of our home.

The Bar Cart

Finding a bar cart was pretty difficult. We ended up going with the Halen Mirrored Bar Cart from Living Spaces, priced at $230. Because this was the most important part of our project, we decided to splurge a little. We wanted something that was of great quality and looked the best. I immediately became obsessed with the antique gold finish on this one. I love the beveled detailing and most importantly, I loved that the wheels were gold as well.

You can find three-tier or two-tier bar carts. For us, a three-tier worked best because we bought all of the accessories prior to finding the perfect bar cart. What can I say? I was being hopeful. Which brings me to another point. This particular cart matched our glasses and details perfectly. Literally the bar cart of my dreams. If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, check out this $169 World Market Cost Plus bar cart. If you are looking for something in the same price range but a little less detailed, check out this Zulily bar cart priced at $207.

The Glasses

We purchased our glasses prior to purchasing the actual bar cart, so it made sense to style our cart around these glasses. All of our glasses are from Anthropologie. We have the Waterfall Coupe glasses in pink, and in purple. Individually they run at about $16.00 and as a set of four, they are $64.00. We purchased ours in store. However, I did notice that some glasses are not available for purchase individually. I didn’t grab these because we were already gifted champagne flutes, but the waterfall flutes are on my wish list. They come in pink and purple as well and are priced the same as the Coupe glasses.

We did grab the Waterfall Wine Glasses in pink and purple, because why not? These are priced the same as the other glasses and are available both online and in store. Now, this next item was a bit of a splurge, but I felt like it would really complete the look both on the bar cart and on the counter. We have the Waterfall Carafe in pink and it is also available in purple. This carafe is priced at $68.00. If you’re on a tighter budget, we found an array of gorgeous carafe’s at our local Homegoods.

The Liquor

I’m a simple kind of gal. My drink of choice has forever been Jameson and ginger ale. Most recently, my friend Gavyn introduced me to the penicillin on our trip to Europe. That is now my second favorite drink. FYI it was created in NYC, which makes it even better. Okay, back to it! For this portion of our bar cart styling, I looked to Pinterest for help. I knew I wanted a Bombay Sapphire because it’s my favorite gin. Of course a Jameson and what’s a bar cart without a Vodka? I purchased a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin because it was super sleek looking. But if we’re honest, mostly because if you finish it you can’t tell and you can keep it on the cart. Turns out its actually really great Gin if you like a smokey aftertaste.

This part of bar cart styling is entirely up to you. I have two of my favorites, and then we added things we thought our friends might enjoy. As a true millennial, I also purchased one or two bottles for aesthetics. Priorites am I right?

The accesories

We added quite a few small details to really bring our bar cart together. We purchased our gold cocktail shaker from our local Homegoods, but you can find similar ones at Overstock ($55) and Cost Plus World Market ($16.99). One of my favorite little touches is the Viski Japanese Style Jigger ($14.27). I also love our Cocktail book full of essentials and then some. This is great to look through and there are lots of cocktails I’ve never even heard of. A quick and easy way to find a new recipe when you want to impress your guests or try something new. Speaking of guests, here’s a set of weighted gold pourers that make serving your party stylish and easy.

Our candle holders are the items we get the most compliments on after the glasses. Unfortunately, Chase grabbed the last of these at our local Homegoods. I searched everywhere for these online so that I could reference them in this post, but I was unsuccessful. I did, however, find some super cute ones that have a similar style. Zulily makes a gorgeous marble pink candlestick priced at $29.99. Target also has a beautiful pink taper candle holder for $12.99. We purchased our candles from Cost Plus World Market in white at $3.99 for a set of two. If you want to stock up, Sur la Table sells a set of six for $15.00. If you want to get fancy, grab these gold candles from Cost Plus World Market priced at $7.96 for a set of four.

Lastly, the eucalyptus garland. I originally purchased this faux garland as an accessory for our dining table. I played around and paired it with our bar cart. It just felt like it belonged. The garland I purchased is often sold out, so you can also find a gorgeous one at Target for $20.98. What’s great about this little add on is that you never have to worry about changing it because it’s a faux plant. The one I purchased is not really meant to be wrapped around anything. You’ll notice you can see the backside of some of the leaves which really show that they are faux. However, if you’re looking for something a little more extra, check out this Potter Barn faux garland. It’s a bit fuller and greener.

Because our walls are white, we wanted to add a useful prop that would compliment the bar cart. We went over to our friends Erica and Jaryd’s place and I fell in love with the circular mirror above their bar cart. This works perfectly because it is right by our entrance so we can use the mirror to take a quick look before running out.

My Current Favorite Drink 

As I mentioned, I’m more of a traditional kind of gal. Jameson and ginger for as long as I can remember. However, on a Homegoods run last holiday I discovered the Belvoir Cucumber and Mint Lemonade. Pair this with a shot of your favorite gin and some ice. Give it a little mix, garnish with a mint leaf and you’re all set. A refreshing cocktail for these blazing Arizona days.

I hope you found this as entertaining as you did useful. Share your bar cart with my by using #chasingdenissebarcart or tagging me in your photo. Did I miss anything? Leave a comment below. If you have a recipe you think I’d love, or your guests love, be sure to share that as well.

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*Photos by @nofacechase_

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