In the Know – A new Preset

Nov 29

Happy post launch, friends! I hope you’re enjoying your time looking around my site and getting familiar with the new format in the shop. You guys know I couldn’t just launch without a little something extra, so I’ve created a new preset, “In the Know.” It’s a little different than the ones I usually make, which tend to be a little cleaner and less saturated. This one has color, tons of grain and it’s almost got a little bite to it. Dare I say (as I always do), this one may be my personal favorite.

What’s really great about this preset is that it comes in two easy options, cool and warm. While this is quite easy to adjust using the temperature in your Lightroom App, I wanted to make it a bit easier for you. Plus, there are some significant differences between both presets. If you’re a visual person like myself, you want to see more before-and-after’s, so here you go!

As you can see, In the Know works for all skin tones. However, many of you have been asking for something you can use on still life as well. Especially content creators who need to photograph products. It didn’t really make sense to work on something that was just for inanimate objects, so I decided to work a little harder on this one make it work for everything. Like this…

As I mentioned, it’s definitely a different feel from what I’ve done in the past, but I feel like it ties in what’s in style without making you look crazy.

*Here’s a quick tip: If you find that you’re too orange, or there is a particular color you do not want to show, you can use the HSL tool to control the saturation of individual colors. You can also use this tool to make a specific color more pronounced.*

This works well for travel. If you’re on an island, you want those blues to come through. You can use the HSL tool to bring up the saturation and luminance of the blues. If you’re in the forest and you want deep green tones, go ahead and bring that green saturation up, then bring the luminance down a bit. You’ll get that rich moody feel you want.

Remember practice makes perfect! Patience too! Lightroom, like any app, takes a lot of time and patience. You should also keep in mind that every little thing factors into how a preset will look when applied to your photo of choice. Lighting, colors, tones. It all matters. If you run into any trouble, head over to our contact page and shoot us an e-mail. I have a phenomenal team who’s more than happy to help you with any issues or questions you may have. In the meantime, go grab In the Know and check out the rest of the shop while you’re at it.



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