Keeping Calm with Vitruvi

May 18

Hi friends! I feel like I’m writing an e-mail with what I’m about to say, but I hope you’re all healthy and sane. With everything going on in the world right now, and May being Mental Health Awareness Month, I thought it would be great to partner with one of my favorite brands, Vitruvi, and share some ways I’ve been keeping my space calm during this quarantine.

Okay, so let’s talk diffusers and essential oils. If you’ve been here before, you may have read my first post about Vitruvi. If you haven’t, you can check that post out here. I’m a big fan of their diffusers. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, they’re probably the best diffusers I have ever used (& I’ve owned many different ones).

I personally have three Vitruvi diffusers. I have a white stone diffuser in my office, a black stone diffuser in our guest bedroom, and now the Terracotta stone diffuser in our bedroom. We typically run at least one of them a couple of times a week. Especially during these stressful times.

Although Vitruvi sells individual essential oils, I’m obsessed with their blends. It’s like they did all the work to come up with the most perfect combinations for your different needs. I’m going to share some of my favorite blends below.

First we have the Nightcap which I use right before bed. If tea had a mood, it would be this. This blend sets such a soothing and relaxing tone in our bedroom. Perfect for snuggling with your favorite blanket and a really good book or your favorite bed time podcast.

For the morning, I love love love BOOST. Boost is blended with Bergamot, Grapefruit, Juniper, and Lime. Because my office is usually the first place I hit after making tea or grabbing a drink, I run this oil in my office and it’s great for perking up. Really just another feel good scent that starts my day off just right.

When I’m feeling anxious and need to meditate, I’ll sneak into the guest bedroom (Fern follows me everywhere), and I’ll use QUIET. Quiet is floral and powdery. Blended with Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Amyris, and Clary Sage. But it’s not overwhelmingly strong. I will usually lay on the guest bed or sit with my legs crossed and follow a guided meditation.

Personally, that has been my very favorite one and the one I’ve used the most. The calming elements and the feel good scent have been perfect for assisting in my personal “Keep Calm & Carry on” routine. Which I’m sure many of you can relate, has been really hard to do at times.

I also love CEREMONY! This one smells like sitting by the fire and snuggling on a perfect night. It is blended with Palo Santo, Clary Sage, and Cedarwood. Very earthy, and woodsy. Sometimes when we have guests arriving, I’d put one of the diffusers in our common area and use similar notes. But with this blend, I cannot wait to be able to share this with everyone.

One thing that really does it for me with these blends is that they all smell and feel like somewhere else. You have the ocean in the PACIFIC blend. There are some more woodsy, warm notes in the GROVE blend. You can find a tropical vacation in RETREAT, and another favorite of mine, CLEAN SWEEP. Which honestly can just place you in a different house that isn’t yours full of 10-day old laundry, different offices everywhere, and lots of things going on at the same time.

As always, I recommend checking what oils are safe for you to diffuse around your pets. I never diffuse oils that may harm our dog near her. Here is some info I pulled off of the Vitruvi website regarding pet safety and essential oils:

“Our pets are as unique as us! The first thing we suggest doing is checking with your vet. Your animal may be more sensitive than others, so your vet will know best!

We have found that most essential oils are okay to use around animals. Strong essential oils such as ylang ylang, eucalyptus, lemon, pink grapefruit, sweet orange, bergamot, or our Boost blend, should be used sparingly, if at all, as they are quite strong. If you would still like to diffuse one of these scents, I would suggest limiting the amount of drops to approximately 1-5 drops.  

Frankincense, Geranium, and Rosemary are great choices to diffuse. The majority of essential oils are perfectly okay to diffuse around your pets!

We would also suggest turning your diffuser off when your animals are alone, just in case they do become agitated by the scent. We also suggest to not allow any ingestion of essential oils by your pets.”

I hope you find that adding this little piece of serenity to your home makes you feel better during times that aren’t always great. Personally, this has helped me tremendously, and although this diffuser and these oils were gifted to me by the brand, this is something I’ve always used and believed in.

I’m just so happy to have found a brand that creates premium oils with no fillers, diluted oils, or synthetic fragrances. Be sure to check out Vitruvi and use the code DENISSE at check out for a discount!

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