Madewell Curvy and Petite Denim Review

Dec 13

I’m back with another Madewell partnership that I’m super stoked about. I was able to try another pair of their Petite Curvy High-Waisted Jeans in the Berkley Wash. I actually already own a pair of these, just not in the curvy style. For this post, I was also able to try their Petite Jean Jacket in the Pinter wash. Finally, because they make the best accessories, I topped this fit off with their Medium Transport Tote, The Crystalline Edition.

Okay. Jeans. As I mentioned, I actually already own this same exact pair. The only difference is my first pair isn’t the curvy fit. These are SIGNIFICANTLY better for my body type. I’m quite bottom-heavy and my waist is small. This inevitably creates that ungodly gap you get when you buy jeans that are perfect for your thighs but swim at your waist. With Madewell’s new curvy denim, you don’t have a gap and they are SUPER comfortable.

I bought these in a 30 (fits like a 10) because I thought a 29 wouldn’t fit me. I probably should’ve just gone with a 29 (fits like an 8). These do stretch as you wear them. And if you know Madewell jeans, you know you can wear them a bajillion times before washing them. Sidebar: Google “How often should you wash your jeans?” Mind blown. Madewell jeans also come with the cutest care instructions on the inside.

This next particular piece I’m very excited about. This denim jacket comes in PETITE. I repeat. IT COMES IN A PETITE OPTION. “Why is this important?” you ask..? Well, that’s a great question. If you’re short, like me, you know that when you buy a regular-sized jacket, the sleeves will be too long and the jacket itself will be too long. Not the case for this baby.

The Petite Jean Jacket falls perfectly at the hips and the sleeves are just right. Its priced at $118 which is fantastic for the quality you’re getting. I guess we should touch on that too. Madewell’s denim holds true to its name. It’s made well. I have denim a from that that is 5+ years old. No tears, rips or wear marks.

*Taking care of your denim according to the suggestion on the label helps a great deal!

Accessories. We love them. We literally cannot get enough. No literally. CANNOT get enough. I’ve already expressed my love for Madewell bags. I have over 10 of them. They last forever (if cared for).

I’ll be honest, this one was way out of my norm, but I wanted to try something different. The Medium Transport Tote is a classic. This Crystalline edition is totally different from all of my other bags. The canvas bag inside is removable and so you basically get two bags in one.

This is actually really great for outings in venues that require you to have a clear bag. this also means that it’s incredibly easy to clean. What a dream, right? I’ve also added other pouches to the inside of this tote. Like my Louis Vuitton toiletry bag, along with my Baggu pouch. It gives it sort of a funky look.

There you have it, friends. Would I recommend Madewell’s curvy and petite options? Without a doubt! Though their selection is growing, the pieces they currently have are timeless and so worth the investment.

Chat soon!


*All photos by Chase Myrick

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