Madewell from Head to Toe

Nov 18

Happy Sunday everyone! I wish you could hear me freaking out over how excited I am about this collaboration. If you’ve been here for a while, you know I’m a HUGE fan of Madewell. I have like 10+ bags, shoes, jeans, sweaters, button-downs, etc.

Why do I love them so much? Well, a lot of the pieces that I have from Madewell have lasted years and years. The denim ages really well, and over time they’ve become so much more inclusive. Something that I really appreciate in brands that I love.

For this collab, I’m highlighting two of my favorite outfits. The first is this gorgeous, very NYC, all-black look. Full-disclosure, this outfit was gifted to me by the brand & all thoughts in my review are my own.

Here are the deets!

TOP: The Payton Pullover Sweater (Size L) *

JEANS: Petite Curvy High-Rise Skinny Jeans (Size 31)

BOOTS: The Ainsley Chelsea Boot (Size 8)

BAG: The Transport Bucket Bag

EARRINGS: Chunky Small Hoop Earrings

*I’m a S/M in Madwell, but I like my sweaters oversized.

One of the pieces that I REALLY wanted to highlight was the PETITE CURVY HIGH-RISE SKINNY JEANS. If you’re curvy like me, the biggest issue we have with jeans is that funky waist gap in the back. I am happy to report that these are NO FUNKY WAIST GAP JEANS. I repeat, NO FUNKY WAIST GAP JEANS. They really are made well in the thighs and the butt. I bought these in a 31 and could absolutely do with a 30.

In my experience, you sort of break Madewell Jeans in and they stretch out a little. So for my next pair, I’ll absolutely do a smaller size. Same with the sweater.

The bag is perfect because we all know Madewell can do no wrong in that department. I got it in true black, but it’s also available in ‘English Saddle‘ if you like more of a camel color. I have way too many camel-colored Madewell bags so I figured this was a good move.

The boots are also perfect. I’m always wary of Chelsea boots because I have a bit of a wider foot, but these are super comfortable. Like all Madewell leather, the leather will wear beautifully.

Thankfully it’s finally Fall in Arizona because you can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the all-black, over-crowded subway, dollar pizza city out of the girl.


All Images by Chase Myrick

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