Meet Milanote, the productivity tool you need, and the power suit of my dreams

Jan 6

With a new year at hand, there are so many things on our to-do lists. We’ve got vision boards, goals we’ve written down, & a countless number of things we want to do differently this year. That’s healthy. That’s normal!

Finding the motivation to do it call can be a little hard. Especially since the holidays can be so draining. Going back to your regular work schedule can be hard as well. No worries though. I’ve got you! Below I’m going to share my current favorite tool for both business and personal use. With this tool, I’ve created a plan that will help me work smarter vs harder in 2020.

I’ll also be featuring some images from this powerful ensemble gifted to me by my friends at Billie the Label. Because, hello… EVERYONE needs a power suit!


Milanote has been one of my favorite tools of 2019, and I’m really making it my catch-call for 2020. It’s a GREAT tool for anyone. Not just creatives. You can have your budgeting sheets on there, your content calendar, mood boards. Literally everything.

Here’s how I have my Milanote organized:

There are pre-made templates you can use, or you can make your own. I do a little of both. I also LOVE that you can download the app for your phone and use it on there. Though I will note that I prefer using Milanote on my desktop. That’s pretty easy to do. You just open up your browser, log in and you’re ready to work!

Here’s another great example of what the Milanote content calendar template looks like:

Now, I have to let you know that this isn’t sponsored or anything. I’m just that obsessed with this tool because it does everything. I’m a productivity app enthusiast. I’ll pay the 7 bucks to use an app that’ll make my life easier. However, I often find that these apps are always lacking something. So I’ll have to find another app that does what the previous one cannot, and I end up using like 10 apps to get my life.

Milanote is also phenomenal for mood boards or client presentation boards. When I’m working on a site, branding or client strategies, I can make them a custom board and download it as a PDF. I can also just share it with the client directly through Milanote. This will allow the client to leave comments and notes in certain sections.

Here’s the board I sent to my girlfriend who’s working on the branding for The Chill Peach with me:

I was able to send her this board, make notes on it, read her feedback and have her add to it as well. This looks very similar to the mood board I send my clients when we are working on branding. Super easy!

You absolutely need to head over to Milanote, but before you do, let’s break down pricing. It is free for the first couple of cards. You also get a sort of affiliate link, & for every person who signs up, you get a couple of extra cards. They tap you out at 100 free cards which is more than enough if you’re just starting.

I pay $12.50 a month for unlimited notes/cards. I also got rid of all of my other apps. This seems like an amazing investment for creatives, entrepreneurs, content creators and honestly, everyone. Again, not sponsored. Just trying to put y’all on. Visit to learn more.

Now, let’s get into this suit gifted to me from my friends at Billie The Label.

I’m wearing the Gloria Pant ($168) & the Diana Blazer ($228). Both of these pieces are TIMELESS. You can dress them up with a heel, or grunge it up with a pair of boots like I did.

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you the most productive, kick-ass year of your life. You got this!


*All Images by Chase Myrick

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  1. China Gomani says:

    Thanks so much looking to get my ish in order this year on another level. I will defiantly try this.