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May 11

*the items reviews in this post were gifted to us by our friends at fully. However, the reviews are honest and you guys know I’d never share anything I didn’t actually love. 

Hey guys!

A few months ago you guys saw my office makeover here. Who knew my already perfect office could get any better! Chase and I initially partnered with our friends at fully for a makeover for his office. Yes. His office got a makeover too. After he got his desk, chair, and accessories, I was a bit jealous. Spoiler alert: I got my own. Now before we jump into all of the details, check out these insane before and afters of Chase’s office:




Deets on Chase

Chase has a Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk with a 72” x 30” contour top on a black frame. Aesthetically speaking, I’m obsessed with the shape of his desk.  For seating, he has the HAG Capisco eco-polyester chair in the Wasabi color with a black base and a black foot ring. When he’s not using his desk, he has the Muvmat. This is probably my favorite thing in his office and we share custody of this piece. I’ll get into details in a little.

As you’ve recently heard me say, we are really trying to be more environmentally conscious and health conscious. The Jarvis desk is made from sustainable bamboo, which may seem like a small detail, but it’s incredibly important to us. The desk is not only gorgeous, but it’s super strong. It can lift up to 350 lbs. The coolest part? It’s a standing desk as well as a sitting desk. It can go low enough for little bb children, or tall enough for someone who’s 6’7. I don’t know anyone that tall, but if they ever come here we can accommodate them.

Chase’s desk is pretty large, but they have smaller ones that are also contoured. 48”, 60” and 72”. The frames also come with some options. You can get an extended range frame or a mid-range frame. We got a mid-range for both desks because we are average height and didn’t need the extra material.

Another cool detail I’m pretty obsessed with is the fact that Fully gives you so many add-on options for your desk. You can add wire management tools, power areas so that you can directly plug your devices, and or chargers. There are also surge protectors available and even drawers as well as hooks.

Deets on Denisse

For my office, we went with something a bit smaller and lighter. I have a 60” x 30” Jarvis Hardwood standing desk with a programmable memory handset. I should mention we both have this detail on our desks. Currently, I have mine programmed for standing, sitting and accessories. We’ll get into that in a bit. My desk has wire management kits, which is a HUGE upgrade from what I had before. That was basically just a ton of 3mm products and a bunch of wires basically glued together. Fire hazard anyone? With this option, my stuff is safe, concealed and protected.

My gorgeous Sprint Pink Capisco Puls Plus chair also has a foot ring like Chases’ chair. My chair is a bit thinner. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that my chair is made using recycled household plastic, and freakin’ car bumpers in the foam padding. We chose these chairs because they are GREAT for remaining active. You can sit on them in several different ways, and they are super comfy.

I mentioned Chase had the Muvmat for when he’s standing. Mine is a bit cooler (don’t tell him I said that). I have the Float Deck Balance Board. When I first got this, I’ll be honest, I thought it was just cool. This board has helped me focus so much and it’s an easy way to stay active while working. I do go back and snag his Muvmat though. I tried just standing for a long period of time, and it was cool but my feet hurt. I tried it with the Muvmat and I’m going to finesse a way to keep both the balance board and the mat in my office. I mean, let’s be honest. Chargers, cool gadgets, sparkly things. They almost always make their way from his office to mine.

Let’s Get Personal

On a more personal note, I want to share why this partnership has impacted me so much.  I have adult A.D.D. (like actually diagnosed). Personally, staying at my desk and working on a task is very tedious. I get distracted and I walk away 500 times. I get bored and open 62723 tabs. It’s a struggle, but having these pieces that keep other parts of my body and brain active while I work has been a game changer. I’m not just saying that because this is sponsored and I may or may not be tearing up while writing this. It’s Mental Health Awareness month. A big part of mental health for me is my physical health. Investing in pieces that help both will change your life. It also feels great to know you’re helping conserve our beautiful Mother Earth.

I really wish I had items like these in the classroom because being a student was SO HARD for me. Having the ability to stand or sit in a chair that keeps you active. I can’t even imagine how much that would’ve improved the quality of my time in school. That time has come and gone (a long time ago) so I’m happy I get to experience this kind of relief now. I’m also thrilled that they make other products that are not only great for adults but are great for children and families.

Now that our offices are set up, we are both testing out different ways to use each product. In my next blog post about fully I’m going to share my favorite positions for the desk, chair, and accessories, and Chase will too.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a DM, leave a comment below or hit up our friends at fully. They are literally the kindest humans ever and it’s on my bucket list to visit their offices in 2020.

Remember bb, you deserve all of the things that improve your quality of work, health, & overall life. Go get it!


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