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Sep 13

Hey friends! Okay, so a few months ago you read about my office revamp with my friends at fully. If you haven’t checked it out, click here for the post. It’s a good one, I promise! You can see the overview of the aesthetic before and after’s for both my office and Chase’s. In this post, I want to focus on what the items I have in my office have done for me physically, and I’ll elaborate a bit more on how it’s helped me mentally too!

I touched base on the details of the pieces and accessories, but now I want to talk about movement. More specifically, I want to touch base on what this looks like for me as a woman entrepreneur who happens to spend A LOT of time in her office. I feel like we don’t talk about this enough. Or at least I don’t see it enough. Where though sponsored, products are talked about in a more practical way. So I thought I’d share a bit more in-depth about how these products have changed my life on a personal level. 

What I’m focusing on today is both the Jarvis standing desk & the Capisco Puls chair.  


I have the Jarvis Hardwood Standing Desk. In my previous post, I mentioned how much all of the items have helped my mental health and focus. Four months later, this couldn’t be truer if I tried. Having a standing desk has changed my life. The freedom of being able to move and stand while working has been so helpful for me.

It was been ESPECIALLY helpful when I’ve had serious cramps. Now in a different situation, during my period, I’d just stay in bed because there is NO WAY that I’m sitting down for a ton of hours. But here’s the thing about being a freelancer, sometimes you have to show up and do the work even if you don’t feel like it or physically don’t feel like you can. 

With the Jarvis Standing Desk, I can literally work in a position where I’m standing and I’m comfortable. While I have the option of accessories sometimes you just need to comfortably stand and get your work done. Having this has personally been such a game-changer. Though I’m not saying this is a solution for everyone, it really helps to have furniture that supports me EVERY DAY. 


Speaking of feeling supported every day. We need to talk a bit more about the Capisco PULS Chair For the record, you can see in the BEFORE IMAGES of my LAST POST that I was literally on a dining chair, so this has been a MAJOR upgrade. I am happy to report that my posture has improved tremendously since using this chair. I no longer sit like a 130-year-old woman who has had a long day. 

But seriously, this chair does it all. I feel like every week I’m screaming at my husband from my office. “BABE COME LOOK AT WHAT THE CHAIR CAN DO!” Usually, he’s like “Yeah… did you not know that?” But for me, it’s an adventure every time. You can sit normally, backward, and even sideways. I find that when my back hurts, adjusting the seat so that I can lean back has really helped. When I have cramps, I sit on it backward and lean forward. 

The top of the chair works for when you want to lean forward, but when I’ve been sitting for way too long, I literally put on a guided meditation or stretching track and I lean back, stretching my arms through the two dips behind me. It’s my fav stretch, and it helps so much. Especially because I hold a lot of tension in my upper body and this is a great way to release it.  


I also touched on this a bit before, but I will say that this setup keeps me active right at my desk. I’m a big fan of walking off and finding distractions. I use needed to stand up or do something different as an excuse to leave. Somehow I always find myself outside on the hammock or on the couch Netflixing. Now, If I’m tired of sitting down, I can continue to work while standing up. I just increase the height of my desk. If I’m standing for too long, I bring the MAT or the BALANCE BOARD and I am comfortable. 

The options are endless!


Being able to multi-task is important for me. Especially with my ADD. I feel like we could all seriously benefit from having a workspace that contributes to our wellness. As a woman, this set up contributes to my physical wellness immensely and I’m forever thankful for it. I’m still learning more about these gems every day that I use them. We get SOOOOOO many compliments and have had a few friends look into getting their own fully set up. It’s worth it. Trust me.  

Got any questions about my set up? Leave a comment below. Also, be sure to check out the fully highlight on my insta

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