Reebok Classics with a Twist

Nov 1

Fall is finally here in Arizona, so that means layers, sunnies and comfy outfits. My go-to look is usually an oversized jacket, jeans, a fitted top and a pair of fresh white sneakers. For this particular look, I styled my Reebok Classic Leather sneakers. These shoes were gifted to me by Reebok, but I should add that outside of this collaboration, I own 3 other pairs of reebok. Have you seen the Vintage Cub C sneakers? You have to have those in your collection too!

Here’s the thing you should know about me. I will wear sneakers with anything and everything. Red carpet look? Sneakers. Business casual? Sneakers. Dinner date? Sneakers. I love comfort without having to compromise style, and these Reebok Classics offer just that. You can really dress these up, or really dress them down.

Let’s chat sizing. I have this particular style in two sizes. 7.5 and an 8. Though my foot is smaller, it is a little wide so the 8 fits a lot more comfortable than the 7.5. I kind of have a summer and a fall/winter shoe now. With my 7.5 Reebok Classics, I can wear no-show socks and thinner socks. With my 8’s, I can wear a much thicker sock and go for a more vintage feel. I definitely recommend sizing at least half a size up if your feet are a bit wider, or you like a thicker sock. 

Now back to style. If you’re new here, you’ll notice that one of the things I chat about the most is investing in versatile pieces. I like pieces that I can wear more than once. I LOVE pieces that I can wear every day if possible, and I REALLY LOVE comfortable fashion. But you want to know what I love the most? Affordable fashion. These Reebok Vintage sneakers retail for $75. For the comfort and the classic style you get, totally worth it if you ask me. I have to pairs of the white / gum classics, but these are available in black/gum, all black, and all white. 

I read a tweet the other day that I literally felt in my soul. It said, “If the function doesn’t allow for sneakers, don’t invite me.” That’s my new motto. If I can’t wear my Reebok classics to your function, I’ll probably pass. Comfort and style over everything. Every. Single. Day. 

Images by Chase Myrick

Chat soon, bb’s!

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