1. do i need lightroom to use your presets?

Yes. In order to use any of my presets, whether they be mobile or desktop, you do need Adobe Lightroom. You can find that here

2. Can I get a refund for my purchase?

No. Due to the nature of all of the products in our shop, refunds are unavailable. 

3. Why do you charge to tell me how to start a blog?

I'm mostly charging you for my time and experience. I'm sure there are many resources online that can help you start a blog or a business, but a one on one, personal experience with someone has an elevated value than simply googling something can have.

4. If i send you my product will you post about it?

At the moment I am only accepting paid sponsorships, but you can always send an email to mgmt@chasingdenisse.com so that we can discuss any opportunities you think may be fair for the both of us. 

5. If I post about your presets, can I get them for free?

While I appreciate the partnership idea, we are a small business and appreciate the monetary support we receive in exchange for product. However, feel free to share my presets using #chasingdenissepresets

6. I'd like to hire you for photography, where can I do so?

You can visit our photography site, parisinjune.co.

7. I only need a simple media kit page. Do you  have anything less than your starting price of $175.

Regardless of how many pages you may need, all of our media kits are custom and take a lot of time. It's worth the investment, we promise!